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I've been playing music for most of my life, starting out as a drummer in local cover bands leading on to bands in Galway/Dublin and in France.

Looking back I consider recording an E.P professionally and suporting the band Aslan as being some of the highlights, as well as all the great gigs and friendships.


When I was a young child I soon started to find great music here and there, I was particularly drawn to the drums so the world quickly became my drumset!! 


When I finally got behind a real drum set I would turn any school mass into a rock concert whenever the opportunity arose, (or as soon as they had forgotton the last one)


At the time I learned to play drums but also the basics of the guitar being drawn particularly to the acoustic guitar a skill I would further develop later on in life.


Having played for a few years in a cover band in France mainly as a drummer and singer I decided In 2017 to draw a line in the sand and to go forward solo,


I wanted to concentrate on the acoustic guitar and my singing as my full time gig, Since then I have played gigs all over France, in Switzerland, in the French Alps, Montpellier, Millau, Lyon...


As I've gotten older I have mellowed a bit and found myself being more drawn to Folk/Rock acoustic guitar music, my influences in these more recent years include: Christy Moore,

Noel Gallagher, Neil Young, Tracy Chapman and many others...


My setlist is made up of mostly well known songs by great musicians and songwriters and I spend a great deal of time searching for the songs that work well with my voice/style of play while all the while concentrating on my own songwriting, adding one or two of my own onto the set every night,


One of my own songs “When it’s over” as an exemple has had its permanent position on my set list this last three years and is always great fun to play live,

you can here an example of it in my video medley on the welcome page.

The magic that can happen when playing a live gig is what its all about for me and to be part of it as a listener or as a musicain is a blessing and I love it.



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